My Weight Loss Musts


I’m so excited I hit my goal weight this week! Many of you that have been following my journey on Instagram know that on Wednesdays we weigh in! Well this Wednesday is the day that I hit my goal of 145lbs! This was a short term goal of 20lbs to lose from 165lbs that I made in November of last year. But anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I was 199 lbs in 2016, lost 30lbs and then had a baby! Anywho after my mini me was born I made it back to my pre-baby weight because I serve a good God and then went from there to get to where I am today! Woot! Here are a few important musts that helped me get to this point:

  • I set short term goals along the way
        1. My first goal was to prepare the majority of my meals myself vs dining out.  So in the beginning I didn’t necessarily make the healthiest meals but they were far better than what I would have eaten at a restaurant, so progress was made. Once my routine became a habit I moved into making healthier meals.
        2. Once I felt good about eating better I worked in visits to the gym. I slowly ramped up my workouts and eventually got in a groove where I worked out 3 times a week minimum.
  • I tracked my fitness
        1. Keeping up with my steps and being more aware of movement each day made a big difference in how active I was.  Joining weekly Fitbit challenges with competitive friends was a game changer.
  • I solicited friends for accountability
        1. It’s easier to reach a goal when you say it out loud so I created a small health and wellness group on facebook where we weighed in each week and motivated each other. I also shared my results on my personal social channels each week to make it really real.  It helped, big time.
  • I didn’t beat myself up
        1. Many of us are “All or nothing” dieters meaning if we make one mistake while on a diet we want to throw the entire diet away. I had that BAD so once I learned to stop being so hard on myself I was able to keep going after I had a cheat meal or day or weekend lol.
        2. My favorite thing to say regarding this is “that large french fry is in the past, leave it there”!
  • I considered my “whys”.
      1. Initially I wanted to lose weight to be naked fine, but the older I’ve gotten, the smarter I’ve become and my main focus was being as healthy as I can for my daughter.
      2. Working out can expedite the weight loss process for sure but I reminded myself of the many other benefits.  Some of my “whys” for working out were:
        1. I sleep better when I workout
        2. Cardiovascular health is important
        3. My skin clears up
        4. I feel better about myself in general
        5. Mental clarity comes from a great workout
        6. I’m stronger and have more endurance as a result of working out

    I could talk about this topic for days but the most important thing to note is that I didn’t do anything you can’t do.  I was able to lose weight with a busy life, career, toddler and husband. Sacrifices were made but nothing that you can’t do if you put your heart in it! Feel free to chat with me more about this here or on social media or shoot me an email.  Good luck to you!



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    • Kelly! One of my friends just shared this site, congrats! Good to see you doing bigger and better things post CDW. Hit me up sometime. i sent a message through linkedin.

      • Keelah Moore
    • Great job on Your weight loss journey!!! 🔥🔥🔥Did you do anythg special like intermittent fasting, Keto etc ? I’m trying to stick to this keto diet. I know it will work for me I just need to find that groove!!!

      🤔 ummm when is that Pinkkkk “She From
      Chicago” light weight hoodie comin?



      • Dawanna

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