Falling For Denim

It’s that time of year where we’re all flipping our closets from Summer to Fall wear.  Some of you may be reading this and saying Kelly, I did this in August boo!! But for me, (a) I’m from Chicago so we get all 4 seasons in a week and (b) I rebel against colder weather because I like showing my ankles and going without a coat as long as possible. So if you’re anything like me then you’re flipping your closet now and if not, you can pray for me and still participate in this fashionable chat!

So when flipping to fall wear, denim is a key element for me.  Denim is part of my daily wardrobe and having a great lineup of jeans has taken much time and endless trips to the fitting room. So I’ll share a few tips here to find the best jeans for you and a few of my favorite brands.

  1. Research
    1. I often ask my friends what denim they’re in love with and then take a look at their suggestions online.  That way I can come up with a game plan of stores and brands to shop depending on my style and budget.
  2. Pre-shopping prep
    1. Shopping for denim is a numbers game.  You have to try on tens of pairs to find the right fit so prepare yourself for your day of denim shopping.  It’s important for me to have my look together when shopping for denim to get a feel for what the jeans will look like when I wear them out.  I wear a cute top and a cute shoe that will compliment a look with jeans.
  3. Denim load
    1. Growing up my mom (a fashionista herself) would say “take as much in the fitting room as possible so you only have to get naked once”.  That is solid advice that I use to this day. Take as many pairs/ variations of denim that you can carry into the fitting room so you can maximize your trip.
  4. Full body pics
    1. So my phone’s camera roll is filled with pictures of me in fitting rooms with various looks. Taking pictures helps me make decisions on what to buy once I’ve left the fitting room and I can also look back later at the fit if I’ve forgotten what I looked like in them.
  5. Play the long game
    1. Owning good denim is a marathon, not a sprint.  Even when you’ve got a few great pairs always keep your eye out for new styles or washes to add to your collection.  That way you’ll never be overwhelmed with denim shopping again
  6. Jeans from my closet (high to low)
    1. Joe’s Jeans -The Icon Blondie Step Hem Skinny Jeans
    2. Express Jeans - High Waisted Dark Wash Denim Perfect Jean Leggings
    3. Vigoss Jeans - Jagger Ripped Skinny Jeans
    4. Old Navy - Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny

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